Sleep Furiously
d. Gideon Koppel / 2008 / UK / 94 mins
Viewed at: Screen 3 @ FACT (Liverpool, UK)

Sleep Furiously

I’m not usually one for hyperbole, but Sleep Furiously truly is a magnificent piece of documentary filmmaking. Seriously, if you get the chance, please check it out (especially if it’s screening on 35mm), it really is astonishingly good.

Anyway, I’ve done a full review for Suite101, of which this is an excerpt:

“There aren’t really any superlatives that can truly do justice to Koppel’s masterful handling of this material. It’s measured without seeming forced, funny without being patronising, polished without over-calculation, sprawling without losing focus and sparse without being dull. It has a lightness of touch that allows village life to gently unfurl, whilst seeming to understand all too well that the only constants here are the wind that blows up the gullies and the rain that falls from the sky.
[ MORE ]

Or, if you can’t be bothered reading, just watch the Sleep Furiously trailer:

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One thought on “SLEEP FURIOUSLY

  1. […] with the camera lingering in a verite-esque manner (reminiscent, in fact, of Gideon Koppel’s Sleep Furiously) and the encounter with the girl that he believes to be Sylvia is set up well and executed […]

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