2Fast 2Furious
d. John Singleton / 2003 / USA / 107 mins
Viewed on: ITV2 (UK) 

2Fast 2Furious

Hells yeah!

You know you love it. Boys (and some girls) race fast cars as double agents for the police, overhead cams, sub-woofers, whatever. I don’t know anything about cars, really. The hero is a white guy, but he gets a black sidekick. But the white guy is the hero. Remember that. It mostly looks like a video game that you can’t control, and there are lots of rappers and rap music, sorry ‘urban’ music. And plenty of shiny Japanese cars.

Since the turn of the millenium, director John Singleton – he of Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, etc – has been quite busy living up to the expectations of early haterz by finding his niche between bad-boy glorifying violence and/or misogyny and blockbluster fluffery. In 2000 he directed that dire, unnecessary remake of Shaft (starring everyones favourite big-budget B-movie go-to guy, Samuel L. Jackson), and 2Fast 2Furious was followed by Four Brothers (2005), which captured its fair share of ‘unwanted’ attention for its ultraviolent glorification of vigilantism, which obviously sent DVD sales skyrocketing.

As for 2Fast 2Furious, just imagine what I wrote about National Treasure, and adjust it in light of the fact that I totally love old stuff, and am only mildly interested in cars. Oh, and it didn’t really make me want to race out and see Tokyo Drift. Actually, it would be unfair to compare it to National Treasure. It doesn’t have Nicholas Cage for starters.

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One thought on “2FAST 2FURIOUS

  1. the moment vandisle from the first fast and the furious was not in it i new it would suck and when i seen some of it i new it sucked with need watching all of it i mean the black guy looks like a gey dud trying to be strait hard core black guy who is not lol and white dud is the same Sept he does not look so gey lol but still looks fake and out place only other three look real in anyway main reason why is because probably really do this stuff in RL and freakin actors over there are well are actors! and the mix Japanese girl is hottest thing on the show lol

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