Drop Dead Gorgeous
d. Michael Patrick Jann / 1999 / USA / 97 mins
Viewed on: BBC1 (UK)

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous is still as funny and irrepressibly dry as the first time I saw it, even in spite of its existence within the very, very much overdone mockumentary genre. These days, outside of the odd Christopher Guest film (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind et al), this is one of the few mockumentaries that I can actually bear to watch.

Inadvertently, it was also the second film starring Amy Adams that I had seen that day. In fact, Drop Dead Gorgeous was something of a star factory for young female talent, boasting the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Amy Adams and Brittany Murphy. Okay, so they’re not the Hepburns, but still…

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6 thoughts on “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

  1. Brittany Murphy is fired 😦 Brittany Murphy was said to be having a habit on being difficult on set and the crews of the movie were all tired of her nonsense. Right after Brittany Murphy was out, Twilights actress Rachel Lefevre was in to replace her filming in Puerto Rico. She was not nor has she ever been fired from any job big or small. Mr. Monjack did not engage in any alleged scuffles. – Nikki

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