Bubba Ho-tep
d. Don Coscarelli / USA / 2002 / 92 mins
Viewed on: Sci-Fi Channel (UK)

In an age where it has become hard to distinguish top of the bill Hollywood fare from B-movie ‘trash’, it’s always encouraging to see that Bruce Campbell still knows exactly where he belongs. And it’s not because he’s no good, in fact there are few actors out there who are as consistently entertaining as him. Campbell simply knows where he’s best appreciated. And I, for one, would like to congratulate him on it.

Anyway, you don’t get much more B-movie than Bubba Ho-tep: it has an elderly protagonist who thinks he’s Elvis Presley, it has killer bugs that are clearly made of plastic, it has a 1000-year-old soulsucking Mummy and it has a black man who thinks he’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Campbell spends most of the film as the elderly Elvis, moaning and groaning his way along the creepy/comedy divide as well as ever, amply aided by a fairly clunky narrative structure, full of misplaced flashbacks. Its a fairly turgid affair, unsufferably silly and yet strangely brilliant.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment, Bubba Nosferatu, which will supposedly feature the one and only Ron Pearlman in that famous sequined jumpsuit! Good times!

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