d. Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava / USA / 2007 / 111 mins
Viewed on: Region 2 DVD (UK)

Ordinarily, I tend to go and see Pixar films at the cinema and, on the whole, they tend to be pretty good. That said, I seem to remember being distinctly uninterested in seeing Ratatouille when it was released theatrically, and it seems as though my instincts were correct.

Ratatouille just didn’t fly for me, it’s very light on laughs and, all in all, it’s just a bit boring. I suppose it maintained its pace well enough, but there just wasn’t enough here to like and in that sense, it felt very un-Pixar-like. I found all of the characters a little irritating, and the gastropod jokes went completely over my head. I fail to see how it could possibly have sustained the attentions of a younger audience.

In fact, there is a distinct sense that Pixar has been getting all too serious and worldy of late, their usual youthfulness relegated to their consistently excellent short films. And whilst Wall*E managed to combine these more serious subjects with the ingenuity and whimsy of Pixar’s gone by – as did last year’s Up, although to a lesser extent – Ratatouille just isn’t up to the game.

So there you go, a very average review of a very average Pixar. I’ll try harder next time, as long as Pixar promise to do the same!

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  1. Samantha says:

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