Screen Addict is not (un)dead, honest!

Okay, so it’s been a little quiet around here lately. Lots of tumbling tumbleweeds and not a lot of blog action. But despite laying dormant for the last six months or so, Screen Addict will be back with a vengeance (or at least a whimper) in the coming weeks with a handful of necessary adjustments.

For starters, I’ve abandoned the frankly ludicrous idea of writing a little something about every film I watch, partly because it’s insane, but mostly because it’s just too large a task when I have so much other stuff to do. In short, it uses up precious energy and time that I’d rather devote to writing more in-depth pieces whilst simultaneously restricting my ability to post about whatever the heck takes my fancy.

Thus, in the coming months, Screen Addict will continue as a venue for my occasional reviews (or, more likely, I will continue to use whatever I’ve watched to go off on a massive tangent about something or other), but it will also hopefully feature festival reports, an in-depth analysis of breaking news stories, a bit of info about filmy things that I’m getting up to, and/or generally allow me to rant and rave about film-related things that have caught my eye.

Anyway, whilst I plug away at my cushy day job (cataloguing films for the East Anglian Film Archive for inclusion on their new website, as well as the BFI hosted Union Search catalogue, aka Search Your Film Archives), try to devote some time to upcoming writing projects AND attempt to edit a friend’s feature film, you can follow me on Twitter – @scrnddct – or become a fan of Screen Addict on Facebook. You know you wanna!


One thought on “Screen Addict is not (un)dead, honest!

  1. American Night says:

    Welcome back… to the living… dead. lol

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