These are a few of my favourite posts…

As I re-jigged this blog, I became increasingly aware that – despite the almost uniformly b(l)og-standard blurtings I have posted on here over several years – some of the stuff I’d posted was actually not entirely terrible. Here’s a small selection of my favourite posts, highlighted in the expectation that they would otherwise be lost in the internet babble…

Accruing by far the most hits of any of my posts – for some strange reason – this cheeky little number came about when I started reading far too much into the symbolism of a Japanese children’s film. Or did I?

Watching a ‘foreign language’ original and its Hollywood remake on the same day can do strange things to a boy – observe, as I pick apart a blunted, uninspired remake of a deeply interesting, subtle slice of Euro-horror.

Utter admiration for a certain Korean monster flick and the sheer volume of ‘best movie monsters evah!’ lists on the internet prompted me to come up with a list of my own: ‘The Five Greatest Indeterminate Mutant Beasties Ever in the History of 1980s Cinema! Ever!’ You’ll never guess what made number one.

There’s more to come when I get time to trawl through it all, but for now, that’ll do pig, that’ll do…


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