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‘Of Myth and Madness: Mad Dog Morgan (Australian Screen Classics) by Jake Wilson’ (Book Review), Senses of Cinema (Issue 81, December 2016).
| Open Access |

‘A Tale of Two Cities: San Francisco 1906 and Earthquake in Adelaide‘ in Alan Wright (ed), Film on the Faultline (Intellect: Bristol, 2015).
| Intellect / Book Depository / Amazon UK / Amazon US |

Entries on ‘First A Girl’, ‘The Private Life of Henry VIII’, ‘The Bed Sitting Room’, ‘The Filth & The Fury’, ‘Sleep Furiously’, in Neil Mitchell (ed.), Directory of World Cinema: Great Britain, vol. 2 (Intellect: Bristol, 2015).
Intellect / Book Depository / Amazon UK / Amazon US |

Entries on ‘The Sentimental Bloke’, ‘The Kid Stakes’, ‘The Siege of Pinchgut’, in Neil Mitchell (ed.), World Film Locations: Sydney (Intellect: Bristol, 2014).
Intellect / Book Depository / Amazon UK / Amazon US |

‘Wake in Fright / The Boys (Australian Screen Classics)’ (Book Review), Reviews in Australian Studies, 7:3 (Menzies Centre for Australian Studies / National Library of Australia: Canberra, 2013).
| Open Access |

‘Ealing’s Australian Adventure’ in Mark Duguid, Lee Freeman, Keith M. Johnston and Melanie Williams (eds), Ealing Revisited (British Film Institute / Palgrave: London, 2012).
| PalgraveBook DepositoryAmazon UK / Amazon US |

‘John Sewell (Filmmaker and Designer, 1926-81)’ / ‘Universal Integrator’ (Booklet Notes), The Lacey Rituals: Films by Bruce Lacey (and Friends), 1952-2012 (DVD – British Film Institute: London, 2012).
| BFI Shop / Amazon UK |

‘Woolloomooloo or Wapping?: Critical Responses to The Sentimental Bloke in 1920s London and the normalization of the inner-city working class’, Studies in Australasian Cinema, 5:3 (Intellect: Bristol, 2012).
| T&F Online |


The Far Paradise: My blog on ‘Australian Cinema from a British Perspective’



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